History of Balticovo

Balticovo AS has more than 40 years of experience and has become one of the leaders in its field of expertise.


1972 - The start of Balticovo. State owned company - poultry farm IECAVA was established.

1973 - First layers were brought in.

1976 - The first 1 000 000 eggs produced since the start of the production

1980 Three 144 metres long multi-storey hen-houses are launched with modern built-in egg collection and transportation systems

1993 A Latvian-Swedish joint venture is launched on the foundation of the "Poultry Factory Iecava" 

1994 SIA "Ave Lat" becomes the new owner of the company

1995 Company's first large-scale investment in development - building of a new pullet rearing facility for more than 100 000 birds with modern equipment installed

2003 Enriched, value-added egg production launched - eggs enriched with Omega-3 and selenium produced

2010 Export expands outside of the Baltics

2011 Liquid egg production for industrial clients improved, liquid scrambled egg mix production launched

2013 - Two facilities - new hen-house for 500 000 birds and rapeseed processing plant are built 

2015Quail egg production plant was launched

2017 Company's grain-processing capacity doubled by opening a new grain-processing facility in Bēne parish 

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