History of Balticovo

Balticovo AS has more than 40 years of experience and has become one of the leaders in its field of expertise.


1972 - The start of Balticovo. State owned company - poultry farm IECAVA was established.

1973 - First layers were brought in.

1975 - Industrial production of eggs began.

1994 - Balticovo became 100% privately owned company.


Company was going through stages of serious development during the following years:

2000 - Liquid egg production plant was launched.

2004 - 2007 - Old cage systems were changed to enriched caged systems accordingly to EU regulations. New bird feed production plant with 24 000 t grain storage capacity was built.

2005 - 2009 - New hen houses as well as new modern egg grading and packing center were being built.

The new complex contains 9 laying houses which are connected to the egg grading and packing center. It becomes the most modern center in the Northern Europe with fully integrated and automatized egg grading processes, which guarantee highest standards of hygiene.

2011 – Liquid egg production facility with the capacity of 30 - 50 thousand tons per year was launched.

2012 - Boiled egg production line with the boiling capacity of 1 ton/hour was launched.

2013 - Rapeseed oil production plant was launched.

2014 - Export expansion in Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovenia and the USA.


2015 - Quail egg production plant was launched.

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